Friday, April 15, 2016


   The book that we were reading is called "The absolutely True diary of a Part time Indian'' is about a kid named Arnold Spirit Junior.  In the book he has to face a lot of obstacles with family problems and loosing friends.  Junior has a lot of positive but mostly negative problems that he eventually comes over them

Arnold spirit is a teenager he attends school at Wellpinit high school the problems that he faces is he looses a lot of family members and friends.  The thing that he loves doing the most is playing basketball he likes playing basketball because it takes away all of his stress.

The people that keep Arnold going are his parents and this girl named penelope they keep him going because they support him in what he does.  They never give up on him because they know that he can accomplish what ever they want

                                                              This is Arnold spirit junior.
               Hes a kid in this book called '' The absolutely true dairy of a part-time Indian ''  The story goes that a kid just wondering about life, and life is throwing him obstacles to defeat them. He wants a better future for himself and better place for him.   

You'll never do it, rowdy said . i like that quote because it makes junior look like he won't do it but really junior will do it .my favorite character is arnold because he's funny and cool and he knows what to say and when to do things.i think the author wrote this because he want everyone to know that you can do anything you want but you have to just believe in yourself and don't let anyone let you down. ‘’fallsapart”

I recommend this book to everyone because this book is funny and sad and a loving book. This book will make your day and when you start reading this book you will want to keep reading it. I would rate this book 5 stars because i love this book.